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Noah’s House

a New Adult thriller soon to be released!
Read the first two chapters on Wattpad

“It’s easier to tell people they’re taking a holiday in Azalea Lakes rather than Spook Beach. Spook Beach is just what we all call it, because we knew there was always something strange about the place. At night, it felt as if you were wiped off the face of the Earth, just standing in space, looking up at the stars above you, wondering if you were totally alone in the world.
Then the noises would come, or the weird sensation of electricity down your arms. There were plenty of things that had happened in Azalea Lakes, and it all revolved around Spook Beach in one way or another.
As strange of a place as it was, it was still my home. It was home to all of us, even though it changed a few people for the worst. Some survived. Some fought back. But some lost their lives and left us to tell about it.”


a New Adult thriller soon to be released!

Based on the Shakespeare play Macbeth, the twisted love story set in modern day Downtown Orlando. Ambition is the morbid look at what can happen when a couple convinces themselves that hurting others is the only way to be better people.

Change Over (The Ashbury Chronicles, Book 1)

Change Over is a 54,000 word young adult, light science fiction novel set in a futuristic town that is dedicated to aerospace – much like Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is part of series, The Ashbury Chronicles, which I have been working on for over a year.



The Cupcake WitchesThe Cupcake Witches
Available for Kindle and Nook

Read the first chapter on Wattpad

Delia Bright isn’t like most of the other students at Pineapple Beach Junior-Senior High. She doesn’t have a fancy condo on the beach, and her parents run a hot dog shack. Her best friend, Travis, is too busy with Track anymore so she has to find someone else to hang out with. But how can she? The Beach Girls are plotting against her, and the Freaky People only hang out with other Freaky People. It also doesn’t help that she’s fallen for, William Goldwin, the most popular boy in town.

She at least has her new friends from Home Economics class are outcasts too. That’s fine except for one, little catch — They’re witches!

Delia has one extraordinary gift that makes her more special than anyone else in Pineapple Beach. She has a talent for baking and poetry which, together, make things happen.

This is just the beginning of how Fern, Irene, Agnes, and Delia join forces to become The Cupcake Witches…

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